Companies Commission of Malaysia (“CCM”) have implemented a new format of registration number containing 12 digit characters for Company, business and Limited Liability Partnership came into effect on 11 October 2019.

This new registration number format will appear in all CCM’s corporate information supplied to customers. Please take note that throughout the transition period, the existing registration number will be displayed along with the new format as follow for a period that will be announced later.

Name: AMS Setia Jaya Sdn. Bhd.
Registration No: 201901000005 (1312525-A)

The new registration number format is available for checking from CCM’s portal    ( such as via e-search, e-info and MyData services for free from the date of implementation.

Please note that the business entities can still use the existing registration numbers. It can still be used for transaction involving other Agencies as well as on official letters, invoices, signboards and other printed documents. However, the business entities are encouraged to use the new registration number format. The new registration number format will be applied fully once a notice is issued.

Attached herewith the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from CCM for further reference and understanding.

For further information, please contact CCM Contact Centre at 03-7721 4000 or Puan Noorlida Hanim binti Ahmad (03-2299 4692), Puan Nazila binti Alias (03-2299 4631) at Registration Services Department, Headquater-Kuala Lumpur Branch or Puan Azurah Nor Binti Sarif (03-55116500) at Operation Department– CCM Selangor Branch.

10 Feb 2020