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A request with the the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM or Companies Commission of Malaysia) to obtain corporate and financial information of a Company.

ALL companies (Sdn. Bhd or Private Limited) in Malaysia is required to remit their Annual Return as well as their audited financial statements to SSM annually.

Furthermore, those information is available for search and printout from SSM.

Who needs Malaysia Company Search?


You may need to know your customer’s company background or customer’s financial record before dealing with them.

Or you may need to understand the creditibility of your suppliers before purchasing from them.

For jobseekers, you may want to know the Company’s background before committing your future with the Company.

What does Company Search provide?

A company search (SSM printout) shall provide you the following information on the targeted company:

  • Corporate Information:
    – Full Name of Company
    – Old Company Name (if any)
    – Date Of Change of Name (if any)
    – Company Number
    – Date Of Incorporation
    – Registered Office Address
    – Business Address of the company
    – Type of Business
  • Share capital information including authorised and issued capital.
  • Details of the Company Directors and Company Secretary including name, address, I/C no and date of appointment.
  • Details of Shareholders of the company
  • Record Of Charges / Debentures of the company
  • Summary of the financial information of the company
Why Company Search?

You can search on any one of the more than 1,000,000 (Sdn Bhd) companies or over 4,200,000 (sole proprietors / partnership) business Companies registered with SSM.

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