Company Secretarial Services 公司秘书服务

We are authorized to act as the licensed company secretary for any company incorporated in Malaysia. It is our professional duty and responsibility to advise and guide your company to comply with the relevant legislations at all times. We provide the following services on a retainer basis:
  • General consultation of compliance with the legislations.
  • Named / Registered secretary for your company.
  • Registered address for your company.
  • Official corporate mail correspondence with relevant Malaysia government divisions.
We help to to set up a new company in Malaysia
  • 遵守法律综合咨询
  • 为您的公司提供注册秘书
  • 为您的公司注册地址
  • 官方公司的电子邮件通信与有关马来西亚政府部门

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